Shantala Blue

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A baby bath that stays warm for longer

Water that stays warmer longer? A baby bath that’s designed to reassure baby with a safe and secure shape? What could be better? The doomoo basics shantala baby bath has been designed with a view to recreating the comforts of the womb. With no fear or uncertainties, it’s the perfect introduction to water. Suitable from birth onwards, it allows you to keep your baby submerged to the shoulders for warmth, comfort and a strong sense of security. The shantala baby bath uses very little water. As it’s light, it’s easy to place at a height that allows you to bathe your baby without straining your back.


  • Suitable for use from birth onwards.

  • Ergonomic design that keeps stress off your back.

  • Water stays warm for longer.


  • 1 x baby bath.