Accessory Fruit Taupe Arch

Accessory Fruit Taupe Arch

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Universal playing arch & arch for doomoo seat

Would you like to give your baby a head start? Develop curiosity, coordination and motor skills with the doomoo arch. Fully compatible with our baby bean bag chairs, the doomoo arch offers fascinating and eye-catching challenges: it comes with three different toys to swat, pull, grasp, squeeze, manipulate and investigate. These toys are removable and machine washable too. Why? Because we know how much better a toy is when a certain little someone can munch on it and drool all over it!



  • Three removable, machine-washable toys.

  • Fully compatible with all doomoo baby bean bag chairs.

  • Stable, ultra-lightweight, transportable design.



  • 1 x doomoo arch structure.

  • 3 x removable toys.




  • Arch and toys: 100% polyester.

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